Sunday, 30 May 2010

Danish's Unfortunate Accident

Danish sustained 2 deep gashes late last night. All because I was about to stumble off the stairs and due to reflex, accidentally pushed him (he was in front of me) causing him to fall face first against the edges of the stairs. Sigh.... My overwhelming guilt does not help the situation either. 

We were supposed to spend the night at my in-laws' place, instead we spent the night at the Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital. When the GP took a look at his cuts, he advised Danish to go for stitches under the general anesthesia and since he had just had dinner 3 hours before the fall, he could not have it done during the night. So this morning, the plastic surgeon, Dato' Dr Jalil, stitched him up and the whole procedure took about 15 mins to complete. 


a bit anxious


pretending to be asleep

just before going into the OT 


still sleepy after the GA

A mere 15 minutes for everything to be completed but I could not sleep peacefully last night knowing that I was the one who caused it to happen. Which mother wants her kid/s to suffer due to her fault? None, that I know of. Sigh... I wish I could have reversed time and prevented it from happening. I wish I was watching where I was going and not stumble. I wish it was me who fell... I wish for a lot of things but I believe everything happen for a reason and this is just a minor test from Allah. All that I can hope now is that this incident will not happen twice and I would not want to experience the anguish again.

I love my kids deeply and I am truly sorry Danish, for allowing this accident to happen.


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