Monday, 24 May 2010

I'm Baaaackkkkkkkkk

Back in Malaysia!!! Woohoooo!!! Since Friday afternoon, actually. Came home, tired (after all handling 3 kids without my husband along was really challenging) and inadequate sleep. Hah.. economy class kan... kaki sakit la, pinggang nak patah la. Luckily the journey was only about 9 hours plus and I had Mek Na, Kak Nia, Kak Ina Wahab with family to accompany us. Otherwise, I honestly can't say, probably I would have been detained in Dubai for screaming my lungs out at my kids. Not that I didn't feel like screaming, mind you. One wanted Ben10 chocolate, the other one wanted sweets, later another one wanted some other things. And Danish... Danish wanted everything. Every single item that pleased him... sigh... kopak nak oiiiii...

My parents in law met us at the airport and of course, our luggage were too many to be dumped into the Perdana so Mekna and I decided to share a van to Kota Damansara. Of course there was barely enough space for the passengers but we managed as the kids went off with my in-laws. Reached my messy home feeling elated, of course, after a period of time spent in Sudan, anywhere in Malaysia seems like heaven. Hehe... my in-laws decided to treat us with Roti Tisu from Kayu.... wahhhhhh... sedap giler. Licin beb!!! Didn't even remember to take pictures. Sorry peeps!!!

Although I was tired, the kids wanted to go out, so I relented. Had sushi for dinner, went to Tesco to buy a few things and that was already around midnight. My hubby called a few times checking on us (probably because he was bored and was wondering what his wife is spending his money on) and also to ask where the salt is located at - yeah, after not cooking for like ages, he had to call la kan. 

All in all, I am happy to be back, the calendar is starting to get filled up and I can't wait to go shopping!!! Oooopppssss... already done that and more to come!!! Hahahahahahahaha...

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