Monday, 7 June 2010

2 Weddings and a Doa Selamat

Arrived JB quite late on Friday night as the highway was all jammed up right from the Mahameru highway all the way to Seremban. The kids were pretty starving when we arrived at the Seremban R&R and we decided to have dinner at KFC. As soon as we arrived in JB, we were greeted by hugs and kisses from my mom and dad. Phewwwww... I have just realised, I missed them terribly and the kids did too. The kids were ecstatic to meet Atuk and Nenek and vice versa. I couldn't help but smiled... Both Atuk and Nenek didn't get enough sleep that night, attending to their grandchildren, one wanted apple juice, the other wanted something else and Danish wanted Atuk to himself. Hehehhehehe...

We were up late the next morning and left JB for Batu Pahat rather late in the afternoon. Went straight to my second cousin's wedding in Bagan (ok, we were late, but better late than never kan) and had Nasi Ambeng. Perghhhhh... sodap!!! The kampung house has a "kolong", a void under the house - sort of a basement but sits on the land itself and the  wooden house is built several feet above the ground. The kids had a blast there playing with the "bunga manggar" and running around the huge compound. My parents were happy to meet with all  our relatives, reminiscing a bit here and there and then it was time to go. 

We went straight to my grandma's house in Peserai (still in Batu Pahat, not far from town) and she was really happy to meet us. I didn't have a chance to visit her during our trip last December due to limited time and of course it was high time for us to visit her. There is nothing more that makes her happy and I could see it in her eyes. I wish I could've visited her more often and I would do so while I am here.

That Saturday night, we went for the doa selamat as another cousin was getting married on Monday. Menu was white rice with fish sambal, asam pedas and a lot more. I was filled with glee simply by looking at the dishes. hehehehhehee... Met a few more relatives, reconnecting with more people and then back to grandma's house. Of course, I had a good night sleep bearing in mind the food that I have ingested... sigh... makin tembam la...

Sunday was a wet day and we started the day late. I was supposed to take my grandma and my aunt for check-ups that morning and of course I missed it and my mom and dad ended up taking them. Everything was ok, both of them got their hypertension meds but nothing to worry about according to the doctor. My grandma is about 80 years old I think, and although she can walk on her own, she still needs someone to watch over her and my aunt, Mak Zah is the one staying with her 24/7. Luckily another aunt, Mak Yek, lives behind my grandma's house, so there are people close by that they can rely on.

Later after Zuhur, we left Batu Pahat and headed to Kluang for another cousin's wedding, errr probably a niece's wedding. I am not sure anymore of the ties, we are not that close, so a bit difficult to zoom into the exact relationship, suffice to say that she is one of my relatives. hehe.. Had Nasi Beriyani at the wedding and we left soon after.

Arrived back in JB exhausted and a few loads of laundry to do. sigh... but all in all, it was a good weekend, a lot of ticks on my to-do list and I am happy :) 

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