Saturday, 8 May 2010

I Love You, Mummy

The day that I became a mum was the day that I truly understood my mom's sacrifices all this while.

My mom is a no-nonsense lady. She might be construed as heartless sometimes, but she has your best interests at heart. When my siblings and I were young, we were not allowed to watch tv during weekdays and limited sessions during weekends. I didn't have freedom to go out with friends to the malls and she knew all my school teachers (she is a teacher too, and the fraternity was small during that time and everybody seems to know everybody) to the point that she disapproved a friend of mine simply because a teacher in school was of the opinion that my friend was a bad influence - of course, I was pissed off at both my mom and my teacher. 

But I know now that she just wanted her kids to excel in our studies and become better people. My mom will cook whatever dishes I requested for, she is always around whenever I needed her even when she is sorely exhausted. She loves her grandsons to pieces. She wanted to resign from work just so that she can visit us more often before we moved to Sudan. Because she loves us, she loves me. 

That, I am fully aware now that I have become a mother, myself. And I love my kids. I will do everything that I can in their best interests. Period.

So, I love you, Mummy for everything that you have done for me and I will love you, always.

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