Saturday, 15 May 2010


Saying goodbyes are always tearful for me regardless who is leaving. Mata merah, bengkak, air hidung meleleh... adehhh... These past few weeks, one friend after another went back to Malaysia for good, leaving me behind to face the ups and downs in Sudan.... sigh... Tried putting up a brave face, failed every time. Hmmmppphhh, hampeh. 

So, another friend left Sudan yesterday. K.Adek arrived here about the same time as I did circa December 2009, perhaps a few days earlier. She is known for her cooking especially making soups. All kinds of soup, you name it. Bakso, Soto, Nasik Air, Sup Tulang and various other recipes. In short she must have loved cooking so much that I would usually get invitation from her for morning coffee, tea, lunch errr not dinner though.. hehe... a seller at the bazaar, a Petronita cook, eeeee macam-macam lah. She is one iron lady, she braved all challenges without fail. So I will definitely miss her cooking and her presence here. Errr don't think I will ever forget Annual Dinner! :))

A few weeks ago, K. Maz and K. Maria left. Next 2 weeks, Najwa and K. Masdiana leaving. And since I hate goodbyes, I decided to go back to Malaysia next week, on 20th May. So that I don't have to face goodbyes anymore. I will be back here in a flash (believe me, 2 months are not long enough) and a few more empty apartments will welcome me back. Ugh, not a welcoming prospect, I know.

But life goes on whether you want it or not so better make the best out of it, not that I won't be seeing them in Malaysia, in fact, K. Masdiana has invited us to come over to her mom's house on 15th June for a makan-makan session. Something to look forward to besides seeing my parents and shopping :)

To those who have left and going to leave, will definitely cherish all those happy moments always and hope that the friendship that we built will last. 

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