Friday, 7 May 2010

Birthday Bash

Yesterday, I stayed home to bake cakes for the birthday bash which was held today. 3 pieces, ugh... and K. Zue requested for Butter Cheese Cake when we had the meeting last 2 weeks. Since I was baking the whole day, I decided to bake pandan buns as well. Gave some of the buns to neighbours, especially K. Na - her plates/bowls are piling up fast, courtesy to her sending dishes (lontong, laksa, nasik ayam, the list goes on and on) to us, the faithful followers and admirers of her cooking.

Najwa came over about 9.30 pm last night to decorate the birthday cakes. I guess she was expecting me to help with the decor but helloooooooo... ME? Who knows next to nothing about ANY decor, let alone cake decor? Anyway she ended up doing the whole lot, so I was saved of making an embarrassment of myself (I don't want to upset the kids by showing up with a comot cake, now would I?) The results... jeng jeng jeng... nice huh? Trust Najwa, she can really turn a plain cake into a gorgeous one. :D

During the cake decor session, Nadirah and Danish were busy fighting over the rolling pin that Najwa brought along, and I took out mine and gave it to Danish while saying "Nah, mama ada yang lagi besar." Danish looked at Nadirah and declared "Haaaaa... mak kita lagi besarrrrrrrrrrrr!!!" Najwa and me exchanged looks and laughed outright. Hahahahaha... anyway Danish's comment is true since Najwa is the skinny one while I am the chubby one. 

Jimmy, Muadz and Mursyir ended up sleeping over and despite my asking them to sleep early in order to be in time for the early birthday bash event the morning after, all the boys continued on playing X-Box until God knows when. Luckily they were able to wake up just in time... hehe.

All the kids were of course happy to have the birthday event. It was held for the birthday boys and girls born in the month of March, April, May and June (not forgetting, the moms as well). Menu for the day were:
  1. Mihun Sup
  2. Nasi Impit with Kuah Kacang
  3. Donuts
  4. Pau Sambal
  5. Jelly Cocktail
Of course, I tapau the leftovers, just so that I do not have to cook for lunch and so were many others. I think tapau is part of any makan-makan event no matter when and where, especially here in the complex.

I was totally exhausted by the time I was back and ended up taking a nap for 4 hours, not realising that the boys missed their Friday prayers because they were asleep as well... sigh... Syed actually called to ask for Jimmy who was fast asleep in Thaqif's bed and I felt bad for letting this happened... sigh again...

The jelly cocktail is still available, so probably I should be calling the other madams for a lepak session at the Laman Santai... hmmm... interesting. Ok peeps... must make a few calls. hehe.

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