Wednesday, 27 October 2010

My Latest Acquisition

My oh my... I have been waiting for these shoes for almost a year... a year for the price to reduce to my comfort level. Hehehehehe... So when I was surfing the internet and had these shoes at a bargain, I could not resist myself!!!

Stuart Weitzman - Kimono Wedge

So I asked Nekrock to purchase for me and wallahhhhhh.... I have the shoes that I have been drooling over all these while. Managed to get Yasir to bring them back for me (thanks Yasir!!!). Hmmm my hubby saw 'em and asked "shoes... AGAIN???" and the next question is a mandatory question of course "How much do these cost???". Obviously I have to tell him the truth, mind you, not the whole truth, else I will be banned from shopping, but he seemed quite ok with everything so I am happy. 

Perhaps I will be wearing the kimono to the dinner tonight, perhaps not. Hmmmm need to find the right baju kurung coz the dinner is a formal one. But, whether I will be putting them on tonight or not, it does not matter, coz I have already got what I wanted!!! So next purchase, Tod's loafers!!!

Monday, 18 October 2010


I have not written for some time... Been busy, among other things with Raya and the daily chores. 

Alas, I would love to write a happy note after a long hiatus but sadly, today marks the passing of a friend's beloved husband, Tengku Feisal Tengku Kamalden. To Ereen, I am sorry for your loss and may Allah bless him always...