Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Danish's Birthday

Hmmmm... Danish is finally 4 years old. How time flies, he is a year older and I am not getting younger either. And I must remind myself, he is not a baby anymore, so I should stop treating him like one. But it is really difficult doing so, I cannot stop mothering him since the elder boys are now entering the teenager stage (Thaqif more so than Arif) and they would not like me kissing them in public that much ;-) and Danish is the one who always tag along with me wherever I may go. I can even ask him about a handbag and he would either say, it's gorgeous or not. And he will be the one saying, "Mama, mama asik tengok handbag je" because he is usually by my side 24/7 and he knows what I do, day in day out.

So when he asked for a Ben 10 birthday cake, I was like phewwwwww!!! It costs a bomb if I order it from Secret Recipe and besides, nobody would be able finish the cake and it will be such a waste. So I resorted to the next best thing. I went to Bagus (bakery supplier) and managed to get two Ben 10 edible sheets at the price of RM12. Danish chose the pix himself so, I hope he will be satisfied with what I have in mind. Next, off to Secret Recipe to find a whole cake and ended up with New York Cheese Cake and I got the girl there to just place the Ben 10 edible sheet on top of the cake. Whalllahhhhhh.... a Ben 10 birthday cake. We decided to have dinner at Italiannies and when the cake was served, Danish blew the candles with a happy face.... and it made my day (and night!)... so remember, Mama loves you so much and no matter what, I cannot stop mothering you or Thaqif or Arif, for that matter.

Danish trying hard to cut the cake

the finished product *winks*

happy boys, I have...


NiSa ZuL said...

wahhh... best nyer danish... hihih
miss him so much.. i wonder he still remember me ???
happy birthday to danish...
kirim salam kat the boys.. such cute & handsome boys u hv there aunty :)

Nani said...

dia ingatttttt... right now they are all in JB visiting atok n nenek. so maybe when they are back in kl and u r around, we can go to your mom's house.

NiSa ZuL said...

my holidays already started...so maybe when u're back in KL, i can come over... lgpn, i miss KL... hahaha.. too busy study :(