Monday, 21 June 2010

Good News

Was out the whole day, accompanying my friend to the hospital to get the latest result on her breast cancer. Alhamdulillah, she's cleared. So next step - radiation and she has been scheduled for a 5 day-a-week radiation course for 3 weeks. She underwent a scan again to map the radiation area and walllahhhhh... we are done for the day. Ooooppppsss NOT!!!!

We headed to KLCC for me to sort out the monthly parking charges and found out that it has been overdue for 2 months and I had to fork out RM360 for it. Hummmppphhh... there goes my allowance... but wait - maybe this is a sign for me to visit KLCC more often. Hehehehe.... that's definitely a sign not to be ignored. Next stop, One Utama. We ended up celebrating the good news with a buffet at the Seoul Garden (it was a good one, I may add) and shopping. Covered the entire OU - old wing and new wing and by the time we headed home, I was in dire need of a nice hot shower and a good night sleep. But it was all worth it, the good news, the food, the shopping and the good company.....

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