Friday, 18 June 2010

Aida's Little Man Birthday Do cum Nekrock's Cucu(s) Meet, Finally

Everybody has been excited lately, finally the meeting that the shopaholic girls at Nekrock's Boutique has been waiting for, has arrived. Aida invited us, the cucu, for Khalil's birthday party today and as soon as the clock struck 3pm, I was off to fetch Farin from her office. Luckily, she was transferred to KL (or rather, she was dying to be transferred, hehehehhehe) from Kuantan just a few days ago and her office is located at Kota Damansara, which is a stone's throw away from my house. 

After the hugs and kisses with Farin, we headed to Aida's house. Aida provided us with a map to her house and it was pretty easy to reach there. Guess what? Both of us were the earliest to arrive - at 4pm. Berkobar nye pasal kan.... Min called up to say that she was still at the PLUS highway, Seremban, to be precise. So, not very long then. I had earlier during the day picked up the Cara Berlauk I ordered at Damansara Jaya, trust me, they are really good, I can gobble a few pieces at one time (huh, talk about food and I love em), so passed the kuih to Aida and we talked and talked and talked....

Surprisingly, it was easy to connect with Farin. She's the bubbly type and we got on very well. It was like in the chatbox, but in person. So of course, during our chat, the topic of handbags is something that we would not miss, and not to mention Nek. Well, that was how we met, so it was to be expected. Min arrived soon after (Min can make you laugh, a lot, and her comments, phewwwwww...) and we were soon oblivious to other people. Hahahahahhaha. Also to be expected. Food was simply secondary, it was the joy of meeting each other that showed on each of us. Min brought her famous cheese tartlets (these  are simply fabulous) and Nek sponsored the cake and cupcakes that her daughter-in-law made. Gosh the cupcakes are beautifully decorated and Khalil had his Thomas-the-tank-engine birthday cake. :))

People came and they went and we were still at Aida's house. Reason? We were waiting for Iffa to come and when the sweet Iffa arrived, the cucu were all there. Ina, Ereen and Lieen could not make it so only 5 of us were able to make it but it was an enjoyable gathering. Aida, thank you for having us at your house, Nek, thank you for the cuppies and cake (they were good) and to the rest of the clan, we should meet again soon ;-)

Farin surfing Nekrock's boutique?? Or searching for photos??? hmmmmm...

Khalil's Thomas Cuppies

Min's Cheese Tartlets

What's left of Khalil's birthday cake, courtesy of Nek, and made by Puspa, Nek's daughter-in-law

Satay, sedap gilerrrrrrr

Cuppies by Puspa

Cara Berlauk

Mihun Goreng

Iffa with Bambam (errrr tak bam dahhhhh)

hmmmm Farin still staring at the photo eh?!!

Khalil wants Gordon!!!


Nek Rock said...

Erkksss, pssttt Nani, per yang si Farin berkerut2 dahi nengok lappy tu ek, hahahhaa

Aiyooo itu satay, telan air lior nengok nya

Glad all of you had fun

Pssttt next year tunggu Nek lik ek, yehaaaaaaaa

Aida said...


Yes, we should do it again soon.... and maybe this time I will be able to sit with u gals and chat!!!!! and EAT!!!!!

Farina said...


Nek, kerut sbb cr file yg ntah mana2 dah ilang....hehehehehehhehe

Nek blk nanti kita find time to spend time tp tu kene 12 hours nye fiesta lbh lg??

Anonymous said...

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