Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Ramadhan is back!!!

Yeay!!! Ramadhan is here again. Time for more good deeds, hopefully. Every year, it is the same resolution for me. To khatam Al-Quran again... alas, never materialise... huhu... so this year, I hope that I can achieve it, so wish me luck peeps!!! 

This is my second Ramadhan in Khartoum, the previous one was challenging, being in Khartoum and such, so this time around, I hope I am prepared to face all the hurdles. The kids are pretty happy about fasting here. They take everything in their stride, as usual. Not much fuss. I do hope that Arif can cope with full-day fasts, considering he is now eating everything twice the usual amount since we were back in Malaysia. And everybody has been commenting on his weight-gain ever since we came back. But Arif being Arif, he just smile his smile and brush off people's remarks... :)

Bazaars will be held twice a month like before and there are many new faces who will be selling, so I can't wait for the first bazaar - a hiatus from cooking, that's why. 

In view of the arrival of Ramadhan Al-Mubarak, I would like to wish everybody, happy fasting and may all your good deeds be rewarded by the Almighty Allah.

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