Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Girlfriends' Outing

Can you believe it? My hubby is actually letting me travel with my girlfriend, Nina, without the kids tagging along. Ok, it started out with me hinting (via sms) that other husbands are taking their wives travelling and such, while he is busy working. However, I should put a note here that he did take me and the boys to Iran, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon last year, but after 3 months without seeing the outside world, I am going crazy. At least I am giving him credit for putting up with me and my travel requests. Of course, he said he cannot go on a holiday now due to his busy schedule and I happily replied, "Oh, I am not asking you to go, just let me go on my own." And that night when he came home, he asked, "So when are you going?" I was totally dumbstruck. Of course my answer was, "HUH???" My heart was doing some somersaults and secretly I was hoping that my ears were completely functional and I had heard him correctly. He later reconfirmed that I can go to Dubai if I like and most importantly, just with my girlfriend(s). "Yesssssssssssssss!!!" My heart leapt for joy and I have already imagined myself in Dubai, SHOPPING. :P

And with just one more day to go, I find myself having mixed feelings about this trip. I am happy but also sad to leave the boys on their own. My husband is around, but it will not be the same, I guess. I am worried that they would not be able to cope without me around, not eating, not taking their shower, them getting sick and daddy's too busy with office work that the boys will be left to fend for themselves (not that I haven't ask the kakaks here to help cook lunch for them - so lunch is taken care of). Dinner, according to my husband, will be prepared by him - which I am doubtful, but luckily, the complex cafe is just a few steps away.  Ahhhhhhhh, a lot to think about. 

And today, someone asked me, do you not feel sorry that you are leaving behind Danish, all alone? It got me thinking, do people think that I am selfish to leave behind my kids so that I can enjoy myself on a holiday? There is no right or wrong here, I guess everyone has their own opinions. And of course, each of us has our own way of dealing with our problems/issues. Mine is, I need a break. Period. From the daily life of a homemaker. From cooking day in, day out. From reminding my kids to take their shower, day in, day out. From picking up all the dirty laundries all over the house every morning and night. From shouting at the kids for their loud quarreling, morning till night. From having to schedule my time around everybody else. From everything. So that I can spend my time on my own, being happy simply doing what I want to do and taking my own sweet time. So that I can come back home and realise how much I miss my family and would not want to spend another day without them until I need another break. Of course I love my husband and my three kids to pieces, but hey, I deal with my issue my way, with my husband's generous blessing. No one is the same and we do not think alike. Each family has their set of values which are different from one another. What works for me might not work for anyone else. Let us cherish our differences, always. 

So, to answer the spoken and some of the unspoken questions - yes, I am absolutely thrilled of the Dubai trip, but I will still miss my family. Bye-bye Sudan and take care peeps, see you in 5 days time!

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